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Jackson Hole Overview

Jackson Hole is a valley in the mountain ranges of the state of Wyoming. It is located near the border with Idaho. Since it is a mountain valley, that’s why it is called a Hole. It is a low-lying valley that is situated amidst the mountain range. This place attracts visitors all across the U.S. because of its mountain landscape and rivers and streams. Besides this, it is also home to a significant wildlife habitat and other fur-bearing animals. Many popular industries include agriculture, food, and healthcare, contributing to the city's economic growth. You can find different business's contact names and phone numbers at JacksonHoleYellowpages.com.

Jackson Hole is one of the most popular tourist destinations, located in northwest Wyoming. The valley is surrounded by the mesmerizing Teton Mountains and has several towns nestled in it. The town was first occupied by Native Americans tribes in the early 1800’s, such as Crow, Shoshoni, Bannock, and others. Tourism is the backbone of Jackson Hole’s economy, offering several activities, fine dining, and shopping ventures centered on the town square. You can access contact information of such businesses via JacksonHoleYellowpages.com.

Popular Tourist Attractions

Jackson Hole is a major tourist destination because of its breathtaking scenic views and flowing river streams. One such landmark is Grand Teton National Park, which encompasses much of the Teton Range and Jackson Lake. The Glacier View Turnout is also one such beautiful sight that offers a view of Teton Glacier and the National Elk Refuge. So if you want to find solace in a high-altitude natural landscape and mountain slopes, then this place is a must-visit for you.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is listed among the wealthiest counties per capita of the United States. The town economy is primarily driven by tourism and major attractions of this valley are Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. The lifestyles of the rich often bring them here to enjoy and spend their leisure time in many activities that are found in the area. One can choose from a number of guided activities, such as horseback riding, rock climbing, fishing, biking, and more.

Infrastructure & Businesses

Jackson Hole has an infrastructure network with local and interstate bus service, railroad, and airport. The Jackson Hole airport is the largest and busiest airport in the area because of its significance as a tourist destination. In 2017, it was rated as the best tourist and camping site in the state of Wyoming. The economy is based on tourism and cattle grazing. You can check JacksonHoleYellowpages.com to get the contact information of businesses there.

Arts & Culture

So if you are planning to go on a dream vacation, then Jackson Hole is a must-visit place to check out. The scenic tour, classic cuisine, world-class skiing, and snowboarding are fun activities that you can undertake while visiting the place. The Jackson Hole valley is home to community theaters, museums, performing arts companies, and various arts and film festivals. It holds world-class music and art festivals that fascinate visitors and tourists. The county also holds live music festivals amidst the natural outdoor landscape.

The seven week classical music festival held in Jackson attracts many tourists every summer. There is also an event called Elk Antler Arches. Every spring the Boy Scouts of America help sell all the antlers collected on the nearby elk refuge to generate funding. To get the contact number of related camps, you can find all of the information on these numerous venues at JacksonHoleYellowpages.com.

Jacksonhole Education

The region has a state-built education system. Numerous community schools provide state-of-the-art high-school education to their residents. There is also a college named "Wyoming College,” which offers a 2-year technical degree program to young adults. If you want any information about educational institutions, then simply get the contact number from JacksonHoleYellowpages.com and call them to discuss your options.

The town administration is quite particular about providing quality education to their residents. Teton County School serves the town elementary and high school education under different grade schools. There is also a public library building, which was constructed back in 1938 and a branch of Teton County Library.

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